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Cashcrate beginner guide.
Cashcrate beginner guide.

                                       If you want to be successful, PLEASE follow these tips.

1).  After each offer, clear out your cookies. This can be done using a program called CCleaner, you can download it at By clearing your cookies, you are maximizing your earnings!

2).Go to There you can download Roboform. You can enter your information into Roboform beforehand, then When time comes to complete offers, with one click, Roboform fills out forms for you. You can set Roboform to fill out forms when there are forms on a web page, or you can set it so that when you click on fill, Roboform fills all possible forms that it finds, this includes your email, address, phone number, just about anything you enter beforehand.

3). Now, it's time to fill out offers, if you're taking more than two minutes for a 50 cent offer, you may be struggling. When the url of an offer changes, you're done. Just exit and submit for pending. Only do two - three offers at once. Wait until they credit before doing more. It's VERY important that you only do two - three offers at once. It takes 2-3 minutes to complete an offer.

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